Beginner Reformer

New to Reformer? This class/workshop is for you! You will become familiar with the fundamentals of Pilates, the Reformer and the correct way of movements and you will leave feeling better than ever before! This is a beginner class but all levels are welcome.

Upper Body Reformer

This is a full body workout with a focus on the core and the power house of the body. Join this class to strengthen your core and so much more! This is an all level class but it is advised to take some beginner classes before joining this class.

HIIT Reformer

This full body workout has the added bonus cardio. Come and jump with us without having strain on your joints especially the knees. This class incorporates the trampoline. This is an all level class.

Booty Reformer

This class focuses on the lower body (legs & glutes mainly). You will leave the class feeling the burn. This is a more advanced level class.

Tabata Reformer

This Tabata style class is all about strength, conditioning your entire body and making sure your core muscles effectively activate & switch on. Workouts will include deep squats, lunges, planks, push ups, arm work and so much more!

Mindful Reformer

This class focuses on posture, alignment and easing back and shoulder pain. You will also workout the core, pelvis, hips and hamstrings as these are important to support your back and spine.

Special Reformer

We will be offering different special classes which include Reformer Circuit and Pilates Playroom. These will be fun classes for our advanced guests who want to experiment more with their bodies and movement.