Mat Pilates

This mat class teaches you alignment, control, strength throughout the whole body and challenges your mind/body connection. All levels available.

Barre Tone

This barre class is an upbeat dynamic class. Mainly using body weight and may incorporate props. You will perform many strength exercises for toning.

Barre Pump

This barre class will be a mix of Pilates, low impact cardio, strength and ballet. Get ready to pulse your way to a healthy you!!!

Barre & Mat Fusion

This barre class incorporates the strength & stability of ballet with the strong core & full body exercises of mat Pilates. This is a fun class including low impact cardio as well. All levels available.


These interval training classes are either low impact or high impact cardio classes. You will focus on the fundamentals of Pilates, improve control, resistance and posture, while getting a great cardio workout!


This cardio group Pilates class is a fun mix of dance and Pilates. The class incorporates the principles of Pilates while giving you a cardio workout as well!


Fusion between Mat Pilates and Fitness Boxing. You will get a mix of high intensity cardio and the strength & resistance training of Pilates.