“Pilates is complete coordination of Body, Mind and Spirit”

Joseph Pilates


House of Pilates is the Eastern Provinces’ first female boutique studio specialized in Pilates. We have been spreading the importance of Pilates since 2017. We are a family business, started up by two sisters, Mai and Mona.

It began with Mai’s passion for Pilates. She was practicing with a trainer and her love for it grew. Her trainer needed to take some time off so she decided to begin her journey to becoming a Pilates Instructor. House of Pilates was then created starting from Mai’s home. She bought her first Reformer and began offering private sessions. She then realized how the demand and love for Pilates was growing so decided to open the first House of Pilates studio where we stayed for two years. During this time, Mona was helping with managing and operations as our family slowly grew. She was also pregnant and practicing Pilates. After her pregnancies, Pilates helped her with getting back to a healthier her! She saw it as her mission to educate and empower women, new moms, moms-to-be by spreading the word about the benefits of Pilates & movement. Together, Mai and Mona are slowly growing the House of Pilates family.

We are dedicated to making our clients feel at home. We make sure that from the moment you enter and the moment you leave, you are surrounded by love, acceptance, empowerment and a safe space to learn and grow. We emphasize on improving functional movement, breathing and posture. We promote both physical and mental well-being.


To bring females together through Pilates, fitness and dance.

To promote and spread the importance of Pilates, Posture and Movement .

To bring happiness through empowerment, movement and health.


At House of Pilates our classes range from Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Dance and much more. Our classes are small groups so our instructors will be able to give more attention to each and everyone of you during classes.

The fitness world (more specifically the Pilates world) is a community and everything we do at House of Pilates is to help this community grow. When you come to any of our classes you will learn, have fun, make new friends and have a great workout!


Co-Founder & Instructor
Co-Founder & Instructor
Pilates Instructor
Certified Holistic Health Coach & PT
Yoga Instructor